Friday, November 28, 2014

Boating with the Rowsers

Sharece's husband, Bryce, LOVES to water ski - A LOT!  So much so they bought their own boat and will go out on the lake so long as there is moving water to play on - never mind the ice along the banks. ;)  Lucky for us they invite us along from time to time, which is really nice, since we don't water ski - we are terrible at it.  But they were happy to get out the tube for us.  I love boat tubing - it is so fun!!  They happen to have a tube that is large enough for two adults or four children.  So we put Brandon, Grant, Jason and Tyler in the tube together.  This was Brandon and Grants first time ever being pulled by a boat, so I was worried they wouldn't like it.  But with their friends encouragement they enjoyed it .  Brandon more that Grant - but they both had a lot of fun.  

These boys bring a smile to my face every time I see them together - they are such good buddies.
I don't know what I enjoyed more, being pulled in the tube with Jared and holding on for dear life and giggling and screaming the whole time, or watching the boys giggle and bounce around while they were in the tube. 
They were a riot to watch.  Brandon and Tyler (4 years old) were encouraging Bryce to go faster while Jason (6 years old) and Grant had fear in their eyes all while screaming with delight. :)
I think even Trent enjoyed being on the water - even if this picture doesn't show it.
When it was time to go home Bryce left to get the car and while he was gone Sharece let Brandon and Grant have a turn driving the boat.  How cool is that?!?  Brandon and Grant were so happy about this.  Brandon even got brave and revved the engine to full speed - that was exciting. :)

Thanks Sharece and Bryce for a fun night out on the lake.  Those memories will be cherished for a long time!

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