Wednesday, November 19, 2014

California - We're Back

Having family live in California has its perks - like several trips.  Our niece Rebecca was getting married at the end of May, so we made a trip out of it.  Brandon had to miss a few of the last days of school, but that's ok.  We kept the trip a complete secret from the boys until the morning before we left.  When they woke up it was like Christmas morning for them with prizes waiting on the couch for them.  We were hoping for a better reaction, but it took  awhile for them to put it all together that we were going on vacation. 
 We can't go to So. Cal. without visiting Sea World.  Once again we had a wonderful time there.  Wyn and Dee Ann were kind to take care of Trent for us, so it was a very easy and relaxed day. 
 We LOVE Shamu!

 The new entrance with petting area was a hit for Brandon.  He actually got to pet a shark!  :)

 Grant was especially happy about the rides and wanted to go on all of them- unfortunately he wasn't tall enough for the big rides, but the kid rides were good too. :)

 Grant seemed to like the sea turtles the best - can't say that I blame him - I love them too.
 Brandon of course wanted the biggest toy he could find in every gift shop :)  Sorry buddy, not this time.

 We all enjoyed the dolphin show. (well maybe not Jared so much, the birds are just a bit weird and out of place for his liking)

 Brandon loves to feed the animals - its good training for when he is a professional animal man. ;)

 Grant however wanted nothing to do with feeding or touching the animals despite my best efforts.

 This was the first time we have ever done the sky coaster over the bay, the boys thought it was wonderful, and it was, it was a great break from walking, and the views were wonderful.
 Brandon made a friend at the dolphin viewing area. :)
 We also rode the sky tower, per Grants request, we had never done that before (I think you used to have to pay?) it was also lots of fun.
 Leaving is always so hard - especially when your parents wont buy you souvenirs.  Brandon REALLY wanted this shark.  We told him we would be heading back to California for Thanksgiving, so maybe if he worked hard and saved his money he could buy it next time we visit.  We will see if he actually does work for and save his money?  How badly does he want that shark?

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