Wednesday, November 26, 2014

More May Memories

For kindergarten we had a carpool arranged with McKell, Blake, Jason and Brandon.  I thought my little biker gang was pretty cute riding home form school. :)
 I signed both Brandon and Grant up for soccer and they asked me to be the teams coach.  That was a mistake!  Brandon does not like to play any sports - or so he says.  So our games consisted of me trying to understand how the game works - even though I know nothing about it.  Then trying to be fair to the three other players in addition to my own to kids - by giving them equal playing time and attention.  I was also tying to keep Brandon's tempers in control and get him to play so that the other players could have breaks when they were tired.  I was trying to keep up the teams moral, because we were not a good team - at all.  And I was trying to get to the games on time with treats, and all of our gear and with my boys dressed.  It really should not have been that hard, but it was and as a result none of us had a good time.
 Despite the difficulties of soccer, I think the boys learned more about the game and sportsmanship.  They loved having Jared play with them during the breaks.  Maybe next time we do soccer it will be a little better.  And I wont coach. :)
 It took us a long time to get around to planning our garden, but the boys didn't mind one bit.  They were out there playing all the time.  This time they made their own dragon nest. :)
 This boy will fall asleep anywhere when he gets tired enough, I think it is so cute.
 We were out doing yard work one day and these three dear walked right down the road past our house into the neighbors yard.  That was pretty fun. :)
Oh this boy!!  I sure do love him!!

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