Sunday, November 23, 2014


We had so many mixed reviews about LEGOLAND that we really debated about going.  But Grant LOVES to play with legos, and we trusted the friends who gave us good reviews so we tried it.  I am so glad we did.  It really is suited best for children 4-10 so it was perfect for our boys.  I am in awe of the amazing things people can create with legos.  I love that most of the rides had little lego building centers for the kids to play in while you wait in line - this is brilliant!

We went to LEGOLAND with Wyn, Dee Ann, and Nevaeh - Nevaeh is so much fun to have around with Brandon and Grant, they get along so well with each other.  Grant was so excited that he would be able to ride most of the rides (unlike Sea World) he could hardly wait to ride on Dinocoaster (I think that is what it was called) but as it got started he became much less interested in fast rides. :) These pictures are hilarious to me!

Thank goodness he had is grandma nearby to keep him safe. :)
This train was much more up to Grants speed. :) besides it was a train - he was a very happy boy!

The driving school was a hit with all three of the kids.  Brandon and Nevaeh went to the older driving school and Grant went to the younger driving school.  He was the best driver of all the kids which made him very proud.

The kids had so much fun on all the rides.  Even Grant got excited to ride the fast and scary rides - we went on the dragon ride and I told him that it is a lot more fun if you scream when it gets scary - he was screaming so loud - it was hilarious, but after that he loved going on fast rides, we rode on the dragon ride three times. :)

We ended the day by riding the boat that takes you on a tour through the many lego creations representing the world - it was amazing!

Hooray for LEGOLAND, we had such a fun day!!!

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