Saturday, November 29, 2014

The Zoo Train is OPEN!!!

We had been waiting anxiously for at least a year for the zoo to finish their remodel.  They were putting in a whole new safari area, places for the lions, and a huge exhibit for the giraffes, zebras, and other savanna animals.  The zoo trains was also being revamped and relocated to go all around the remodel.  This meant every time we went to the zoo there was no train to ride on, which was very disappointing to Grant.
So Grant was super happy when it was finally open and we were able to go for a ride. :)

I just love his happy faces in all these pictures.
The new exhibit is beautiful!

The train even goes under a bridge - Super Cool!
We are also so very happy to finally have lions back at our zoo.

This was also the first time the boys were able to play in the new splash pad, every time we had been previous to this it was too cold for the water to be running, so this was a fun treat for them.

We are so excited about the improvements the zoo is making - it is so fun to visit often!

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