Friday, November 28, 2014

Stewart Falls Hike with Great Friends

Let me just say - I love my friends!!  I love that on a spur of the moment kind of day I can get a call inviting me and my boys on a hike with many other friends.  Sharece Rowser and her three kids; Jason, Tyler and Kaylee, had been on this hike before and wanted to share it with us.  So we went with Karen, Daeman and Nicole Edwards and Cami, Patrick and Nora Boudwin.
Stewart Falls is a 2 mile hike one way. (it felt much longer :D)  The hike has lots of hill making the hike pretty challenging for our little ones, and for those of us carrying kids for the whole hike.  (I had Trent in a front carry pack and Sharece and Cami had their girls (Kaylee and Nora) on their backs.  We also packed in a lunch.
So the hike was hard, we were VERY tired when all was said and done, but it was worth it!!
The views along the hike were amazing.  Stewart Falls is in Timpanogos Canyon, so the mountains were amazing.  We were also fortunate to be hiking early in the summer so the wild flowers were abundant.
The falls are amazing.  They were a bit of a revelation to me - I had never heard of them before - and I had lived in this area nearly all my life.  It was so cool that there were two waterfalls side by side.  It was such a great reward mid way through our hike to see and hear the falls.
I was so proud of my boys for completing the hike and I was equally proud of myself for managing it with Trent on my front and the backpack full of food and supplies on my back. :)

The highlight of the hike was playing in the water right at the base of the waterfall.  The kids thought it was wonderful, and so did we!

Just look at those darling kids, 10 in all!!
The boys found a spider, oh how I love them!!
Throwing rocks - fishing with sticks - getting covered in mud, how do we feel about this?  I think Brandon's expression says it all!!  :)

Tyler was so kind to share his water with his buddies all along the way.  Like I said - this was a HARD hike, I think by the end we were all seriously wondering what we had gotten ourselves into.  We had several tearful kids wishing they could quit, I was wishing I could quit too, but we persevered, and we learned that we can do hard things.  It was a great lesson for my boys to learn.  I hope we can do many more hikes just like this.  

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