Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Happy Birthday To Me

So a week before my birthday we found out our dishwasher had been leaking slowly, leading to a total kitchen overhaul.  Which meant for my birthday our kitchen was in the garage and our home was turned upside-down.  So we celebrated my birthday away from home.  We had so much fun visiting Temple Square for our anniversary, that I wanted to do that again for my birthday.  We had dinner in City Creek at the New York Cheesecake Factory - it was SOOOO yummy - especially the raspberry, lemon cheesecake.  YUM!  After dinner we took a carriage ride around Temple Square - the boys thought that was awesome.  It was the first time since our wedding day that Jared and I had been on a carriage ride too, so that was super fun.

 After the carriage ride we checked in on the local Peregrine Falcons again.  We were lucky enough to see both the mother and father out flying around, that was pretty cool - even if we didn't get to see their famous stoop (very fast dive).  For some reason I was really interested in watching the three chicks progress to adulthood.  This is a picture I took one day while watching them through the web cam.

Brandon was his sweet self and pick several dandelions from our yard for my birthday.  I am always happy to encourage this, because it is so sweet and it helps with the weeding - How embarrassing that we had that many and they were that big.  However, they do make for pretty weeds :)
It was a very good birthday!  I am happy I was able to spend it with my family.

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