Friday, April 20, 2012

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List 30 random facts about yourself
1.       I am the oldest of five children in my family
2.       I LOVE music; I play the piano, teach the piano, sing, I am learning guitar, I play the organ, and I really enjoy listening to all varieties of music.
3.       I love animals.  I visit a zoo or aquarium nearly every month.  Jared and I have often given each other zoo memberships for our anniversary gifts.  In fact, Jared and I like animals so well we spent nearly two hours watching deer on our first date.  My love for animals as well as Jared’s love for animals has been past down to Brandon; he has an extensive collection of animals and prefers to watch animal shows of any variety over cartoons.
4.       I like to organize things; and reorganize things, and then reorganize them again (sorry Jared)
5.       I really enjoy driving – by myself preferably.  Oregon was the best place for driving, beautiful winding roads; if I had time in-between piano lessons I would purposely try to get a little lost and find my way again.  I really miss driving in Oregon.
6.       I love bridges; I think they are architecturally beautiful, inspiring, motivating, and full of promise.  I think my love for bridges came while I was in Oregon; there are so many beautiful bridges large and small.  One of my favorite parts of our New York trip was walking across the Brooklyn Bridge.  I have been to the San Francisco Bridge, Brooklyn Bridge and London Bridge (in AZ).  I hope to visit many others; the Sydney Bridge and Hawthorn Bridge are high on my list.
7.       I am a nature lover.  I like weeding simply because it is an excuse to spend LOTS of time outside.  I LOVE the moon and its mysteries.   I would leave the windows open all the time; day and night, warm or cold if Jared would let me, and would fill my house with fresh plants and flowers if I could keep them alive; and I would be so happy if I could camp, hike, and explore the beautiful mountains nearby more often.
8.       I want to learn many new things like; interior design, photography (focusing on portrait), writing (I would love to write children’s books) gardening, how to play the cello, the violin, and the flute and nursing skills.  However when I go back for my degree I plan on getting it in elementary education.
9.       I hope to have many pets someday; big dogs, cats, birds, a large albino snake, turtles, frogs, bunnies and horses are on my list.
10.   I am addicted to games on the phone, or computer.  Once I start playing it is VERY hard to stop.  I have wasted many hours of my life away playing pac man, tetris, sudoku and solitaire.
11.   I am really good at entertaining children, if there are little to no other adults nearby (adults are scary to be silly around).   After teaching preschool for 10 plus years I have learned to have children eating out of the palm of my hand; and I must admit I get a natural high when I have a large group of children following and mimicking my every move, expression, and sound.
12.   I am addicted to pastries.  I have been known to sneak into the break room and eat 5 or more Krispy Kreams at a time.  I have made and devoured an entire pan of brownies without sharing, I used to make frequent stops to 7-11 for donuts and then eat them and hide the evidence.  Fortunately, I do feel like I am making a LOT of progress and overcoming this very real addiction.  In fact, I can’t even remember the last time I had a donut or brownie. Yeah me! 
13.   I want to be a runner.  I REALLY admire people who run and enjoy it.  I envy people who have RAGNAR decals on their back windshield.  Someday I hope to run in that race.  Right now I am training for a 5K with the couch to 5K program; I am still very much a newbie at it, but I am finding that I really do enjoy it and I CAN do it; it has been a bit of a revelation to me.  Slowly but surely “I think I can” is transforming to “I know I can”.
14.   I have found a street sign for my first name, madden name, and last name, as well as various signs for the day, month and year I was born.  Someday I hope to have my picture taken under each one. J
15.   My nickname, given to me by Jared, is Bear.  It came from Shelly Bear, which I hated.  Bear fits me.  I growl at Jared A LOT, and I really like to hibernate. 
16.   I do NOT like nuts of any kind!  I will occasionally enjoy a pb and j or a Reeses cup, otherwise I could do without nuts.  But go ahead and put them in desserts; I’ll be disappointed but grateful. J
17. I got married when I was 18, 16 days away from my 19th birthday. Best decision ever! However, just because I did it does not make it right for just anyone, and nothing gets me more upset than people using me as an excuse. I made my decision with lots of prayer, studying, and careful contemplation of advice, good and bad from everyone. Moreover, we got married in the temple; that counts for a lot.
18.   I am loud!  I sneeze and cough very loud; makes Jared crazy.  My voice can carry across the neighborhood if I need it too.  The boys and I will occasionally get in screaming matches, just for fun (when no one else is around) I always win. J  I inherited this talent from my Grandma Johnson.
19.   I have high hopes of traveling the world, Europe first (which part you say? all of it), Australia (Sydney), African safari, All fifty United States, and Brazil.  My goal is to visit a new temple in every new place.  I love visiting the temple when we go on vacation.
20.   I had carpal tunnel in both of my wrists when I was in high school.  I had surgery on both wrists and it helped significantly; but I still cannot write for very long, and it flares up when I over stress them.
21.   I love when school season begins.  I could spend hours walking up and down the school supplies isle.  New sharp pencils, a new box of crayons, paper in all its varieties, post its, 3X5 cards, I love it all.  I only subscribe to one catalog; it’s for Learning Tree, a school supply store.  I drool over it, SO many wonderful things to look at and wish for.
22.   I HATE shopping.  It is depressing, I always want more than I can afford, I struggle to find exactly what I am looking for; I never have enough time to really enjoy it.  Shopping for clothes is the worst!  Jared has actually had to force me to shop for clothes because what I was wearing was so worn out.  Shopping for craft supplies, home décor, books and music can be enjoyable, but there is still the issue of limited funds.  Shopping YUCK.  Jared however loves to shop, he is the grocery shopper in our home; I am grateful (most of the timeJ).
23. I have lived in Utah for all but three years of my 30 years, right next to the mountains with the greatest snow on earth; and I have only skied once. I was in fourth grade. I went with a school group. My mom dressed me up like Ralphie from Christmas Story. The only thing I remember was admiring my crush on the chair lift in front of me, and falling, A LOT!
24.   I am a terrible, TERRIBLE speller.  I am so very grateful for spell check!
25.   I do not retain facts well.  Jared does.  He has had, and continues to have a lot of fun at my expense because I did not know the difference between Brad Pitt and Tom Cruise when we got married.  I did not realize the White House was separate from the Capitol building.  People are frequently amazed when I do not know about a popular TV show, movie, musician, or actor.  Mostly it is because I just do not care about those details.
26.   I love to learn, I love to teach, I believe in education and I love school supplies, but I HATE school.  I do not test well.  I do not retain facts well.  School is just really, really hard for me.  However, I know it is important to someday return and get an official degree. 
27.   I have perfect eyesight. J  When I was in fourth grade for some reason I was told I needed glasses, I threw a fit about it and fought about it plenty, then I had an idea to hide the glasses in my sock drawer, don’t ask me why, I don’t know.  After being unable to find them, we went back to be tested again and get glasses again.  My eyesight was fine and I have not worn glasses since. 
28.   As a child, I had a TERRIBLE temper.  I would put holes in the walls, doors, even the garage door.  I would hit, scream and throw great fits.  My mom tried putting me on time out in my room – I would just play.  She tried the closet – I emptied every box of toys, every puzzle, every bit of art supplies, and anything else I could find into a big pile in the middle of the closet.  She tried the bathroom – I unwound the toilet paper into the toilet.  Finally, at the suggestion of her visiting teacher she put me on a bar stool in the middle of the living room.  For some reason that worked.  My mom told me I had a temper monster inside me that I needed to learn to control and not let out.  After many years I overcame my temper monster and it rarely make a visit these days.  Brandon is very similar to me – pay back. J
29. In fifth grade, I thought I was a beauty queen. My aunt dyed my hair cooper red, permed it, cut shoulder length, and gave me bangs all at the same time. It was supposed to be temporary, but it stayed a lovely shade of pink for two more years. I had braces with neck gear; both of which I was very proud of and wore to school often, I also had a green with black polka-dots MC Hammer style jump suit, that I wore OFTEN. To top it all off I broke my collarbone and unknowingly walked with crooked shoulders. Despite all of this and my best friend teasing me ALL the time, I really did think I was pretty, prettiest girl in school. Sad!
30.   I love my name.  Michelle means – one who is like the Lord; I wish, but it is something to aspire to.  I do however wish I had a middle name, I would choose, Anne (with an e).   Anne of Green Gables has always been one of my favorite movies, and I always wanted to be just like Anne with an e.  J

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