Friday, April 20, 2012

Idaho Trip

We went to Idaho last weekend so that Jared could bless his nephews new daughter.  It was a very quick trip but full of excitement.  Saturday morning we surprised the boys by taking them to the museum to see Sue the T-Rex.  Brandon was thrilled; when he saw Sue he ran up to Jared, who was buying tickets, shouting his excitement; the cashier and other guests in line thought that was pretty amusing.

 The museum was a lot of fun, but when we asked him what his favorite part of the trip was, he was quick to reply that it was playing with Cooper and Lexie.  They had so much fun racing each other, playing hide-n-seek, and climbing trees.  They also really enjoyed playing inside with the many wonderful toys provided by Grandma and Grandpa.

Grant was so happy to have a turn holding baby AliceAnn; can't say that I blame him, she is darling!

Jared gave AliceAnn a beautiful blessing.
 Ryan (Jared's nephew), Violet, Cooper, Lexie, and AliceAnn
 On our way home Brandon had to make a potty stop, so we pulled off at the nearest rest stop in Ogden canyon.  I was thrilled when a very long train passed right by the rest stop.  Don't worry, the boys were excited too. :)  As a child I went on a lot of road trips with my family.  We frequently stopped for breaks at the rest stops or anywhere else we could find.  Some of the best parts of our trips were the stops along the way.  I truly believe that getting there is half the fun, at least it was for my family.  So when we took time to play at the river, explore the nearby woods, and watch the train, I felt like I was passing on a family tradition, a really good one. :)

I love how enthusiastic boys are about throwing rocks and sticks into any body of water. :)

It's not worth it unless the rocks are the size of your head. :)

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