Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Easter Day Celebrations

I LOVE Easter, it is such a colorful holiday and so full of hope and promise!  Our tradition involves hunting for the Easter basket in the morning.  We had church at 9:00 so we all got dressed before we went hunting for our baskets.  The boys were thrilled with the treasures they found inside.  The Easter bunny brought them some bouncy balls, glow sticks, toothbrushes, coloring books, scissors, and curly straws, as well as lots of candy.

Grant was thrilled with his pudding. :)

Both of the boys thought the curly straws were the greatest things they had ever seen.  When Brandon's primary teacher asked what the Easter bunny brought him the curly straws were the first thing that came to mind. :) 
 After church on Sunday the Easter bunny door bell ditched us and left an egg on the door step, the egg had a scavenger hunt inside, we followed each of the notes in the other eggs and they led us back outside to a new bike and a helicopter.  The Easter bunny clearly went over board, but he felt it was very important for Brandon to finally start learning to ride a bike, and if Brandon was getting a bike, Grant certainly needed something wonderful too.  Silly Easter Bunny!
The boys were very happy with their bonus Easter surprise.

 Brandon had a few goes on the bike before we needed to have naps.  It took some practice to figure out how to pedal, but by the next day he had it down,
 After naps we went to Grandma Johnson's house for Easter dinner and another egg hunt.  Easter at Grandma and Grandpas house was wonderful.  I LOVE their house.  I love the memories I have there.  Their home is beautifully landscaped, so peaceful, and natural.  Their home also backs onto Mill Creek, so we get to enjoy a creek, waterfall, and the occasional deer and ducks.  I was hoping maybe we would get to see deer or ducks while we were there and no more than a few minutes after arriving a duck walked up from the creek to visit.  Yeah!  I was especially happy because Grant likes ducks so well. :)

That's my happy boy. ;)
 Nope, just kidding, there he is.  Here are all the younger grandkids and my boy make up the only great-grandkids, we were missing the other six great-grandkids.
 Let the hunt begin.  Scotty was in charge of helping Grant, and Taylor was in charge of helping Brandon.  My brothers are such cute uncles!


My mom and sisters on Hagen's bridge.
 Me and my boys. :) Love them!
 We were trying to get the perfect spring family picture, when a duck swam down the creek and then flew away - thus the surprised faces. :)

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