Tuesday, April 10, 2012


Grant LOVES to dance.  He will climb unto his changing table and turn on his radio to FM 100 (the only station we get) turn the volume up, climb down and dance his little heart out.  I think he is a fantastic dancer; we should all take lessons from him. :)  Enjoy!
Oh and an update on his hearing.  We did some tests a few weeks ago and he passed all his hearing tests.  The tubes are working wonderfully.  We anticipate (not so patiently) that he will start talking a lot now.  He continues to make progress with his speech therapist and his ASL teacher.  We love them both!


Allison said...

Love this video...he can move! And, great news that the tubes worked!!!

Aspen said...

What an adorable little dancer!

Alana said...

Grant has moves :) I am soo happy to hear that the tubes are working!