Wednesday, April 25, 2012

5 of 30

What are the five things that make you the most happy right now?
* when I worry that it has been too quiet for too long and upon investigation find them sitting in one of the chairs reading books alone, or to each other.  I really love hearing Brandon read the story and get it nearly word for word, because he paid such close attention when Jared or I read it to him.
* when they laugh.  Brandon and Grant have such wonderful giggles that I too often excuse bad behavior if it is making them laugh.
* when they are sleeping - it is a beautiful thing.  I am especially happy when one of them will fall asleep in my arms, that is heaven!
* when they recognize things of the spirit.  Like when Brandon tried to give me a blessing because I was not feeling well, or when Grant insists on saying his prayers before bed time even though he can't talk yet, or when Brandon starts singing I am a Child of God.
* when they learn something new.  Like when Grant learns a new words, or Brandon learns how to blend new words
*when they dance, they are the CUTEST dancers ever!

* when he puts one of the boys to bed and enjoys reading them stories before bed time.
* when he show appreciation for the dinner I made by insisting that we eat at the table and enjoy  family conversation and thanks me for it.
* when he steps up to a challenge because he knows it is proving to be too much for me to handle alone.
* when he leads our family in family prayer or family home evening
* when he takes me on dates, especially to the temple
* when we talk and talk and talk into the late hours of the night

* serving with the Young Women
* reading the Book of Mormon
* watching a Mormon Media film online
* working on Personal Progress
* singing the hymns
* enjoying my association with the Relief Society sisters - Great Friends
* hearing a great talk or testimony
* knowing the joy of the plan of salvation
* attending the temple

* running (while my children are in the day care)
* reading a good novel
* morning scripture study
* taking a nap with the window open
* playing the piano without interruptions

* Great Friends - who help me with my children and who I can enjoy great conversations with, and laugh with.  Friends who find selfless ways to serve and uplift me.  Friends who are genuinely interested in me and care about me.
* Nature - birds waking me up in the morning, sunshine warming (or recently, burning) my face, a cool breeze, the smell after a rain shower
* A clean house

I have a LOT to be happy about!!!

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