Tuesday, April 10, 2012

March Playdates

We had several wonderful play dates in March. 

St. Patricks day lunch - love the boys in their green striped shirts. :)

St. Patricks Day playgroup with the ward.  We had so much fun coloring, playing with green toys, decorating shamrock cookies, and visiting; but the highlight of the day was when my sister Natalie dressed up as a leprechaun, ran into the gym giggling and taunting the kids that they couldn't catch her.  She took of and the kids gave chase.  While she was running away she was throwing little cut out green footprints all over the place.  She ran for nearly 10 plus minutes and the kids nearly caught her several times; a few of the kids were terrified of her (the costume was pretty impressive (wish I had a picture to show you)).  While the kids were chasing her the rest of the moms were decorating the gym with shamrocks and more footprints and hiding a pot of gold.  The kids found the gold very quickly and were thrilled with all the gold treats inside but that did not stop most of them from wanting to find and catch the leprechaun.  So fun and a very memorable day!

The third grade at the local elementary school puts on a yearly Disney program; I had three piano students performing in it and two other children from the ward as well.  I was so glad I took Brandon and Grant to see the show, it was so cute and very well done!

FHE we built a large tower for King Benjamin to stand on while we talked about General Conference, it was a fun FHE, the boys were so excited for general conference when it finally came.

Jared had a mission reunion Friday night before general conference.  It was so much fun to see his Mission President and wife and to meet other missionaries who served with him.  I especially enjoyed hearing all the stories from the mission.  I didn't realize how much fun Jared was to have on a mission. :)

Jodi, Megan and Ann Dee came to Utah for the weekend so in between conference sessions we went down to play with them.  We missed Ann Dee because she got sick, but we had a great time playing.  The boys had so much fun with Aunt Jodi. :)

Fun times with many fun friends and family!

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