Monday, April 23, 2012

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Describe your relationship with your parents

I have been very fortunate and grateful for the relationship I have had with both my parents.  I admire both of them very much.

My dad is a wonderful man.  He owns his business and works very hard at it.  He was very good to spend time with us when he was not working.  He would take us to his office every Saturday to play, explore and “help” him scrap metal.  He would take us on business trips; we would enjoy wonderful trips courtesy of work trips. J My dad has a wonderful sense of humor that made everything more fun.  We would “grow” to the office; dad would answer the phone with a “yellow” instead of a hello.  Dad is a great storyteller; at dinnertime, we would often ask him to tell us a story about his mission, our favorite was of him visiting the elephant at the zoo. 

My mom was also wonderful!  She was always involved with school; helping out with PTA, helping with party days, and much more.  During the summer, she would set up summer fun clubs, cooking classes, or sewing classes.  During high school, she became my best friend and greatest confidant.  We would stay up for hours after a date to talk about everything and nothing.  My mom was always available when I needed her, and she was a tremendous support in everything I tried to do.  Were it not for her encouragement I would have never learned to play the piano, learned to sing, finished my personal progress, or received half way decent grades.

When I finally grew out of my temper stage as a child, I was able to gain my parents respect and gain more freedom.  I think the only thing that created problems for me with my parents was late nights.  My house was often the go to house for my friends and I to hang out and even if everyone was gone by midnight, we were still noisy, which often kept my dad up (my mom would be hanging out right along with us, so she did not mind J).  Later on curfew became a problem for everyone, particularly when I met Jared. J

I am so grateful for my parents.  Grateful for the love they continue to give me.  Grateful for their testimonies, and all that they have taught me.  Grateful for their examples.  Grateful that they are wonderful grandparents to my children.  Love my parents!!!

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