Friday, April 27, 2012

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What are 5 passions you have?
Passion means more than just an interest or something you enjoy, it might even mean more than something that is important to you.  Passion to me means "Don't cross me on this subject, unless you want an involved debate".  Passion seams to mean a proactive stance on your opinion.  Because of this I struggle to think of what my passions are.  I don't like confrontation, I am terrible at debating, and regrettably I am not very proactive with my opinions, however I was able to come up with five things that the more I think about, the more I realize, I do feel very strongly about them, so they could be considered a passion.

1. The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.  I know this Church is true!  I know it with all my heart.  Every little aspect of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints is true and I know it to be true; from the Book of Mormon, to the Prophet, from the Temple, to Families, from the organization, to the saving ordinances.  I love this church and I am so very grateful for it, and I wish so very much that my siblings, family, friends, neighbors, and everyone else could know this for themselves too.  I wish so much that everyone could experience the joy and peace that comes from the gospel of Jesus Christ.

2. Children.  I am devoted to my children.  Yes, I complain, and often wish for a break from parenting, but I LOVE my children.  I spend hours debating which preschool will be just right for Brandon.  I spend even more time one on one with Grant to help him develop his speech.  I spend nearly an hour every day working with Brandon on learning his letters, sounds, numbers, logic, art skills, music, early reading, scripture memorization, and Article of Faith memorization.  I feel like if I don't teach them everything they need to know, who will?  Preschool is great because it reinforces what I am teaching and it provided an opportunity to socialize, and respect other adults (and it gives me a break :)) but it can not possibly do everything Brandon will need it too.  I feel the same way with Primary, Speech Therapy, and ASL.  It is a lot of responsibility to place on myself, and I ALWAYS feel like I am coming up short, but that is okay, I am doing the best I know how, and I pray that Heavenly Father will make up for my short comings and help my children learn, protect my children, and give them loving leaders and teachers all along their journey. 

3. Family.  I feel very strongly about the definition of a family and the roles each family member should play in their family.  After working in childcare for nearly 10 years I developed pretty strong opinions about day care and that it should be used only as a back up resource, but nothing more.  It was devastating to me to see little babies being dropped off only because their mothers wanted to work more than be with them.  I think that every child has the right to a mother and father in the home who love them.  I have strong feelings about how women are represented in the media and in the world.  Yes I would be talented in the work force as would most women, but my talents are better used in the home.  Yes the appearance of women is wonderful and important, but it is not where our value lies.  And I am not "JUST" a stay at home mom, or worse yet "housewife".  I also get really upset when I hear people putting men down, in fact I am just as upset with how men are portrayed in the media.  The men I know are not lazy couch potatoes.  They are not incapable of being great fathers.  They are not selfish, and unobservant of others.  They don't live their lives acting like 10 year old boys.  They are capable, competent, hard working, devoted, sincere, goal oriented, protective and loving. 

4. Music.  Music is powerful.  It is a universal language.  It inspires and motivates.  It can change moods and behaviors.  Music can strongly effect your personality, relationships, attitudes, and values.  Music can change who you are.  Learning music is so rewarding and stimulating.  Using music in other areas of learning will often help you learn better.  I wish music was used far more in the classroom, from kindergarten to graduate school.

5. Choice.  We chose, before we came to earth, to have the right to choose.  Choice was so important we fought a war in heaven to enjoy this right.  But, with choice comes a consequence.  I get so upset when I hear people say they are "pro choice", because I am too, but not in the way they use the term.  People who are "pro choice" are not really pro choice they are simply "pro no consequences".  They made a choice, now they need to accept the consequence.  Please don't misunderstand I can accept a choice to abort a child, when the conception was not the mothers choice, but if it is some person who "oops" conceived a child, now please make it like it never happened, not okay.  My feelings for choice and accountability go beyond the "pro choice" people.  If you make any choice, you should accept the consequence.  And it is high time we start recognizing that with our choices come consequences.

Whew, I sound and feel a little like a tyrant right now.  I suppose I am more passionate about things than I thought.  I realized that I have one other passion, the right to your opinion.  Just as I clearly have some strong opinions others are entitled to their opinions as well, and it is okay if our opinions are not the same, or if they are similar but have some differences, that is okay, it's their CHOICE. :)

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