Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Easter party at Grandma Julies house

We got together with my sister and cousins and their children for a play date.  It is so fun to see how these 2nd cousins are growing.  All four of us were expecting within a few months of each other. :)
After spending time with the cousins we went to Grandma Julies house for an Easter party with Lindsey and Grandma Johnson.  Grandma Julie gave each of the boys matching shirts, squirt guns, and a soccar ball for Grant; so of course we had to spend a little time taking pictures.

 After picture taking we sent the boys, Lindsey and Jordan on an egg hunt. 

Team work :)

 We finished the party with lots of playing outside and making cookies.  The highlight was flying our childhood kite, love this kite.  I am especially proud that I was able to get it up, it has been years since I have flown a kite.
So excited and happy for spring!

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Allison said...

Love their matching shirts. I'm having flashbacks of trying to fly kites when we were first married in that church parking lot in the avenues. :)