Thursday, May 3, 2012

10 of 30

Describe your most embarrassing moment.
Which one?

Do I dare share a story that would embarrass me even more but put Jared in a glowing light?
Why not, the few of you reading this hopefully think highly enough of me that you wont be too disgusted with me after you read this.  Disclaimer - if you do not like potty talk - don't read!

Jared and I had been dating seriously for nearly two months.  He wanted me to meet his family who all live in Idaho so we planned a trip with his parents.  We would stay at his sisters house with Jared sleeping in the basement and I would be sleeping in the guest room upstairs.  I did not eat healthily while in Idaho (I never do:)) consequently my digestion was unhappy, to top it off it was my time of the month. (I did warn you.)  I was feeling sick and I thought a shower would help, it didn't.  The shower just added dizziness to my cramps and additional discomforts.  I was miserable, weak, sick, in a new place where I couldn't find anything (like a necessary plunger).  I wanted so much to make a good impression on Jared's family, instead I spent nearly two hours in a bathroom getting ready while everyone waited for me in the nearby living room.  Jared came to check on me a few times before I finally in tears requested a plunger.  It did me no good, I was too week to unplug the toilet.  I could not leave the restroom in the condition it was in or in the condition I was in, so I stayed, unsure what to do.  Jared came again and through even more tears I told him everything.  Enter my Knight in Shining Armor.  Jared told me to just take care of myself and then go lay down on my bed and he would take care of everything else.  After unplugging the toilet and tidying up the bathroom, he came in to check on me.  He sat next to my bed and while caressing my arm and hand, created a beautiful escape for me by telling me all about a beautiful beach with palm trees swaying, the warm sun on my face, dolphins jumping in the horizon, while I was laying on a hammock.  He assured me that his family (still waiting for me nearly two hours later) was just fine and that I did not need to worry about what they thought.  I was SO grateful for his compassion and willingness to see past how disgusting I felt and I am sure I was.  I was SO impressed with him.  By the time we went on this trip I already knew I loved him, I already knew it was very likely we would get married and I already knew what a great man he was.  This event confirmed my feelings.  I had a real man, a tough man that loved me - a lot!  A lesser man would have done nothing or dumped me after the trip.   I would like to say that was the only time Jared has had to come to my rescue in such a way, but it wasn't and I suspect there will be other times when I need his help.  I love knowing that he will be there, in sickness and in health. :)  He is such a great man, and I am so very lucky!!

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