Monday, May 7, 2012

13 of 30

Describe 5 weakness you have.

1. Unsympathetic.  I struggle showing my sympathy when someone is struggling, or when heartache comes.  I remember while working at Kindercare in Oregon, my director came in to tell us the bad news that one of my students mother had lost her twin fetus'.  Her twins were nearly 7 months along when they passed.  My director was so emotional and upset, as she should have been, but I was not and I wondered what was wrong with me?  That is not to say that I never feel sad or upset when I here bad news, I am not completely without sympathy, but it hard for me so show it and to be compassionate with others.  Often times crying and hugging feel uncomfortable and unnatural for me.

2. Judgemental/Critical.  I have been working on this a lot, but it is still so easy for me to find fault in others and think less of them because of it.  Even though I know I have NO room to judge and I know that my judgements are always inaccurate.  I am just as hard on myself and I am often sure that others are judging me harshly as well.  I really hate this about myself.

3. Self-Centered.  I am always looking to my needs first, the needs of my children close behind, the needs of our house, the needs of Jared, and the needs of others last.  I struggle to look around me and see what others need and then follow through, because doing so would take time away from the needs I have around home.  Jared unfortunately gets my attention last after, myself, the children, home, neighbors, callings and so on.  I know this is an area I need to work.

4. Addicted to food.  When unhealthy food that I know I should not eat is anywhere near me I really struggle to ignore it.  I will even go out of my way to find unhealthy food.  I really feel week in this area, however I have had moments, days and even weeks when I have been strong, so I know that I can turn this into a strength, with practice, effort, and lots of prayer.

5. Prideful.  To some extent we all are, but I feel like I really am.  This goes hand in hand with the judging.  It is a weakness to put yourself above another because you think you do something better than them.

This was NOT a fun post, but good just the same to reflect on some areas of needed improvement.

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