Monday, May 7, 2012

Circus Party at the Dentist

I love our family dentist/neighbor/friend.  Dr. Ogilvie has a children's day every quarter, and they are so fun.  This quarter's party was a circus theme.  When the boys arrived they got to spin a wheel for a prize, in addition to the goodie bags filled with tattoos, bubbles, stamps, a clown nose, a tie and a pair of glasses, they also received a great hat. Brandon was a good sport (surprise) and put on the whole costume.  He looks pretty cute if you ask me. :)

Grant agreed to the nose and occasionally other parts of the costume, bet never at the same time and never long enough for me to get a picture, but I don't care, look at how cute he is. :)

 When we got home we put the tattoos on our feet, the boys thought that was pretty cool. 
Oh, and the actual dentist appointment went well too.  Brandon was great to cooperate and get his teeth cleaned.  Grant on the other hand was less cooperative, but it was just his first visit, his happy visit.  So instead of working on teeth, Grant got to ride up and down on the chair, squirt the water, and play with a few of the other toys, just to see how much fun the dentist can be.  I wish the dentist had been this fun when I was a child. :)

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