Friday, May 18, 2012

22 of 30

If you could have one super-power, what would it be, and what would you do with it?First thing that comes to mind is flying - wouldn't that be wonderful to fly, but really, what would I do with that?

I love the Goose Girl series by Shannon Hale, in fact I just got them yesterday for my birthday.  There are four books in the series.  In each book one of the character discovers and develops a "speaking" skill.  Each character learns to speak to and as a result command or influence certain elements like; water, fire, birds, wind, trees, other animals, and even people.  After reading these books I wondered, what language would I like to be able to speak?  Originally I thought, trees and plants would be great.  I would use that super-power to work wonders in my garden and yard, as it is, my only talent seems to be a great skill in killing things I want to live and giving life to things I wish would die.  Now, however, I think I would like to speak to animals and command or influence their behavior, that could be a very useful super-power.  Then my dogs would be so well behaved, never barking when they shouldn't, never having accidents in the house, always contributing to the happiness and well being of our family and home.  I would also know better what to do for the fish in our tank so they would stop dieing.  I am sure there are other great ways to use this power, but I haven't thought of them all yet. 

If you have not yet read the Goose Girl books by Shannon Hale, I would encourage you and all teenage girls to read them, they are great!!!!  (Much better than the twilight books!)

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