Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Happy Anniversary!

This past Friday was our 11th anniversary.  We had a family birthday party on Thursday night to celebrate the day we became a family. 

On Friday my mom took the boys for us and we escaped to the Grand America.  I felt like royalty.  When we walked into our suite there was this plate, the piano was made of chocolate really yummy chocolate with more fancy chocolates inside. 

The suite was stunning!  My favorite part was how immaculately clean and bright it was.

That night we went to dinner at The Roof in the Joseph Smith Memorial Building.  I had never eaten there, I loved it.  We had a GREAT view of the temple and the sunset.  The piano player was AMAZING, she had a great selection of music that was ALL memorized.  I wish so very much that I could memorize like that. I Love to See the Temple!  It was so fun to have a view of the temple and reflect on our wedding there, and to reflect on the past eleven years.

I greatly enjoyed sitting in pj's with one of their cozy robes on looking through the complimentary design magazine.  Jared and I just sat in the hotel amazed at how quickly our stress was gone.  It was so fun to be so pampered.

Breakfast via room service, YUM

The following day we toured the grounds.  They were beautifully maintained.

Guest bathroom near one of the many ballrooms.  I know, who takes pictures of bathrooms?  When they are this amazing, I do!

Loved all the beautiful flowers.

 There is a great toy store / candy store inside the hotel, it was so cool.  I really want to go back with Dana and Natalie, they would LOVE this store!

The dragon was made out of cardboard layered on top of each other and then cut. Amazing!

After touring the rest of the hotel we went to City Creek.  I loved it!  I love water features so City Creek is my kind of place, who cares about the shopping. :)  We did walk into a few stores, but I really did not care about them or enjoy them nearly as much as the creek flowing through the whole shopping center.  Tiffany's was cool, I loved the art work of New York on the walls.

I thought it was very well planned that the waterfall on the Conference Center lined up perfectly with all the water features leading to the fountains at City Creek, it drew the eye up and to the temple.

After spending time in City Creek we crossed the street to walk the grounds of Temple Square.  It was so fun to be at Temple Square in spring again.  The last time we were there at the time was when we were getting married.  I LOVE Temple Square in the spring so much more that when the lights are up in the winter, it is beautiful, comfortable and peaceful.

Jared tolerated me asking people a few times to take our pictures, I am glad he did. :)
We ate lunch at the Lion House Pantry, YUM YUM.  We ate like kings this weekend. :)

So happy that Jared proposed marriage and that I accepted.  So happy that we were married for time and all eternity in the temple.  So especially grateful for the past eleven years and the many lessons learned, memories made and love grown.  Looking forward to the next eleven years and the many years to follow!
After lunch at the Lion House we met up with Justin and Allison to see the Avengers and go out to dinner at the Olive Garden.  We had a great time!  The movie was lots of fun, more than just a shoot-m-up movie, and dinner was great.  We LOVE getting together with them, and wish it happened much more often.

I am so grateful for my parents, and Natalie and Kevin as well as Scott and Lindsey for taking care of the boys for us so we could enjoy our get away.  I am also grateful for the Brosnahans for taking care of Pete and Annabelle.  I wish Jared and I could have a get away (maybe not as fancy) every month.  It was a GREAT weekend!!!!  Happy Anniversary Jared, LOVE YOU!

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Allison said...

Thanks for letting us be part of your awesome weekend. The Grand America looks amazing!!