Sunday, May 20, 2012

26 of 30

If you could have dinner with anyone in history who would it be and what would you eat.
Eve, Mary (the mother of Jesus), Mary (Joseph Smiths wife), Helen Keller, Sarah (Abraham's wife), Mother Teresa, My great-grandma Osborn, Lillywhite, Johnson, Winnie, and Holladay, and Jared's grandma Erma.  I could never choose just one person to have lunch with, but I would definitely want to visit with several mothers who influence history, particularly my history.  It would be so fun to visit about what it was like for them to be mothers and wives to some amazing people. 
Eve - what was it like to be the first mother and to not have another mother on earth to go to for advice?  Mary - what was it like to be the mother of the Savior, share some tender stories from his childhood, what were some of the challenges you faced?  Mary - I admire your strength to face so many challenges like the deaths of so many children, how did you do it, what are some of your happiest memories?  Helen, you faced some real challenges in life, I admire how positive and optimistic you were, what do you think was your greatest influence or accomplishment?  Sarah, did you know Abraham was taking Issac, did you know you would be the mother of all nations, what was it like being a mother at such a late time in your life, was it fun expecting a baby at the same time as Mary?  Teresa - you did so many wonderful things, blessed so many lives, and inspired so many people, what are your concerns about the world today, what do you think about religion- particularly the LDS church?  Great-grandma's - what was it like being a mother during your time, what were my grandparents like as children, how did you feel when my parents were born, do you remember when I was born, share your testimony of the gospel, what were some of your favorite childhood memories, what traits do you think I got from you, did you ever think about me and your posterity when you were growing up or raising a family?  And I would just like to meet Erma, everyone always talks about how wonderful she was, she was very talented with painting and design.  I have been told that I would have really liked her and she would have liked me.  For some reason I often think about her when I am doing various things and wonder, would she approve of who her grandson had married, would she approve of her great-grandsons and how they were being raised.  I hope she would, it sure would be fun to visit with her.

As for what we eat, who cares, the conversation is the whole point of a lunch date.  But it would be fun to eat some of their favorite foods, it would be another insight into who they were.  It would also be fun to take them to a wonderful buffet of some sort, so they could see how food has changed and try a great variate of new foods.

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