Wednesday, May 9, 2012

17 of 30

What is the thing you most wish you were great at?

MEMORY  I wish I could remember information better, much better.  I wish I could retain facts, and information when I am learning in a class settings or studying on my own.  I wish I could remember names and faces.  I wish I could memorize music - Oh how I wish I could memorize music!!!  I wish I could remember dates better, especially dates regarding church history, American history, and birthday's.  If I had a good memory I could then learn all the other skills I would like to learn, school would be easier, performing the piano would be more enjoyable and possible.  Everything else that I wish I could be great at would fall into place better if I could be great with my memory.  I have spent hours working on my memory, memorizing piano pieces, only to forget them entirely a few months later, memorizing scriptures, only to forget them a year later, or even memorizing poems and quotes, which are also quickly forgotten.  It is so frustrating!  Yes Memory is what I wish for!!!

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