Thursday, May 3, 2012

11 of 30

Describe 10 pet peeves you have.

1. A piece of paper with more than one color of ink, or different handwriting styles on it.  I like my lists, forms, notebooks, etc to have a uniform look.  Blue pens and all caps are best.

2. Other people, especially strangers, disciplining my children while I am right there handling the situation myself.  If I am gone, otherwise engaged, or completely unaware, then by all means go ahead and reprimand my child when he is out of line.  But if I am right there, mind your own business, I'm the mom, I'm in charge, I will handle it the way I think it needs to be handled.

3. Unprepared musical performances, especially in sacrament meeting.  Thank you for sharing your talents,  I commend you for doing so, but please make sure you will be prepared enough to be in tune and invite the spirit into the meeting, otherwise it is just a distraction.

4. When things are out of order.  Keep things in order, alphabetically, numerically, by size or by color.  For example, the boys plastic dishes are in all the colors of the rainbow, they need to be put in the dishwasher and the cupboard in the proper rainbow order; red, orange, yellow, green, blue and purple.

5. When I make the bed in the morning, then I go to fold the laundry on my bed and my boys have unmade my bed so they could play on it.

6. When Jared does one of the house hold chores and it is not to my expectations - I really need to get over this and just be grateful for when he does the chores.

7. When people look at you like you crawled out of hole because you don't know something they know.  "You don't know the date of ....," or "You don't know this song...."  how can you call yourself a human. 

8. When Jared touches me with his toes while we are sleeping.  He will often tease and ask if I want to hold toes, ooo, yuck!

9. When Jared insists on sleeping with all the doors and windows closed and with the heat on.  He wants to sleep in a very warm, cave like bedroom.  I like to sleep in an airy, chilly, open field like bedroom.  We are beginning to reach a compromise in this area, at least now we sleep with the door open. :)

10. Very loud noises that are out of my control while my children are sleeping.  For example dogs barking incessantly while we are trying to take a much needed nap, landscape/home improvement noises before 8:00 in the morning when I desperately what my children to sleep in so I can have some early morning quiet time.

Pet Peeves are such silly things - get over it Michelle, let it go and enjoy a happier life!


Alana said...

We live across the street from a school ( which wasn't there when we moved in to our house) It fits in along the lines of outside noises. The generator that kicks on for no reason and random times. always before 8 in the morning. the delivery trucks that deliver twice a week before 6 30 in the morning and leave their engines running, the traffic that speeds through, the people "bumping" their music (rap that my child does not need to hear) outside my house and give me attitude wen i actually get the courage to go ask them to please respect my house and the neighborhood and turn it down . I tell myself..let it go. But its so much easier said than done :) so glad I am not alone!

Allison said...

I'm laughing at the cave-like bedroom that Jared loves. I had no idea you kept your dishes in rainbow order...I'll remember that if I ever empty your dishwasher :)